Thursday, 19 April 2012

Epic rap battles of history!

you've probably already heard of epic rap battle of history series, but if you haven't WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!? People of history rapping against each other!, halirious composition of lyrics! it will leave you awe struck at the end of each video! Created by YouTube sensation Nicepeter and ERB, ERBOH (which is the acronym I decided to endow upon this lovely creation:) are truly geniuses of the art of rapping using the names of famous people in history. Albert Einstein Vs Stephen Hawking - which is a throw down anybody would love to see!!

*Disclaimer there is some swear words in the videos, so watch at your own peril, muwhaaha!*:)

Epic Rap Battles Of History!

Hit the link and start rapping along to those famous names of history!

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